"Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit."
                                                                       - Matthew 28:19


It is our privilege to be involved in the prayer support and the regular financial support of the missionaries listed below:

Daryl & Kelly Hess serve our Lord in Papua New Guinea with New Tribes Missions.  Daryl is an excellent and creative mechanic and keeps the mission compound running well.  He also does many special projects for the missionaries in the tribes so that they are able to concentrate on learning the language and teaching the people.  His faithful wife Kelly is a school teacher and a home school teacher who uses her skills to help the cause of Christ.  Their 5 children are also a blessing to the work of the Lord.  

Dean & Tuti Hess serve our Lord in Florida with New Tribes Mission.  Dean is an administrative assistant at the New Tribes Missions Home Office.  Tuti ministers to their 4 children, and together serve their local church family.  This couple met in Senegal as single missionaries and their lives have been bonded together as a couple and as servants to Christ. 

Bob & Christine Cosby serve our Lord in Michigan with the Independent Bible Mission.  Bob is the executive director of the mission, which specializes in planting Bible Churches.  Bob served as a pastor for 30 years before taking on the leadership of the mission.  His wife Christine and he are blessed with two daughters, one son-in-law, and two grandchildren.

John & Lorella Rouster serve as missionary consultants through Every Child Ministry, a ministry which the Lord used them to establish.  John's background is farming and fixing, and he has used those skills extensively. Lorella's background is in writing (over 200 published articles and Bible lessons), teaching (she taught high school English and journalism before going to Africa), and Christian education.  Their ministry is based in Hebron, Indiana, but extends from the Congo to Ghana to Uganda and beyond.

Andrew and Michelle Shinabery serve the Lord through East/West Ministries.  They are based in the Grand Rapids, MI. area, but have a desire to see missionaries sent out from Latin America to the Middle East and other closed access countries.  The Lord has blessed them with four children and a heart for missions.

Dave & Wendy Kurowicki serve the Lord through RBM ministries.  RBM specializes in conducting Release Time Bible Classes during the school year and Vacation Bible Schools during the summer.  Dave teaches public school students in Jackson, Washtenaw and N.E. Lenawee counties.  He holds several VBS programs and Day Camps (including ours here at Mt. Hope Bible).

Bea Klingensmith serves our Lord in Brazil with Independent Gospel Mission. She has served for almost 50 years, teaching children in the Brazilian public schools, along with training seminarians in pedagogy and other disciplines so that they might do that type of work for the Lord.  She has helped establish a large library for the Bible college students and has overseen the cataloging of the many volumes. . Her great desire is to see children come to know the Lord Jesus Christ.  Bea recently suffered a stroke but is glad the Lord has given her strength to press on!

Cristian & Mady Savu serve the Lord with Word of Life - Romania.  They are establishing Word of Life clubs and discipling young people so that the gospel will penetrate both Romania and Turkey.  They were recently blessed with a son!

Below are a couple recipes that are inexpensive to make.  The idea for posting these is so that Christians will eat some "cheaper" meals and give the money that they saved to the missionaries.  By eating less and/or cheaper, we can help support men and women who have committed themselves to the ministry of the gospel.